Airforce Armament Program

The total armament programs of the current 15-year period (for the period 2011-2025) amount to 373, which include the recorded needs of all the armed forces. The Army General Staff has approved the implementation of only 31 programs taking into account not only the operational needs but also the current economic situation.


In 2020 the budget of the Ministry of Defense was strengthened with additional appropriations of 370,000,000 euros, while for the 2021 it increased from 3,350,000,000 euros (2020) to 5,440,000,000 euros. From July 2019 until the end of 2020, 48 funded sub-programs worth 830,000,000 euros have been implemented, and are followed by 105 sub-programs with a total value of 11,500,000,000 euros for the next six to seven years.

To date, the following programs have been decided / implemented:

05.01.2021 Establish an International Pilot Training Center in Kalamata 1,375,000,000
30.12.2020 Upgrade 10 to 12 T-6A NTA Texan II to intercept enemy aircraft
22.12.2020 FOS contract (2021-2014) for the C-27J Spartan aircraft 55,723,670
16.10.2020 FOS contract (2021-2024) for the AS-332C1 Super Puma helicopters 37,767,204
12.09.2020 Order of 18 Rafale aircraft 2,320,000,000
06.07.2020 FOS CONTRACT (2021-2028) for 44 Mirage 2000 aircraft 140,000,000
06.07.2020 Donation of 2 Beechcraft King Air 350C for EKAB [2] 25,000,000
25.05.2020 FOS contract for F-16 250,060,000
15.01.2019 Upgrade of 84 F-16 Block 52+ to Viper USD 996,775,000
05.07.2018 Order of 12 training aircraft P2002JF 2,460,000

[1] The manufacturer is Textron Aviation and the aircraft is equipped with a wide cargo port, allowing easy access to stretchers. It is worth noting that a previous attempt to acquire an aircraft by the National Medical Services in the 1980s, resulted in purchasing two Piaggio P.180 Avanti. The specific aircraft were delivered by the manufacturer, but were never accepted by the EKAB committee when they were deemed unfit for use due to their narrow stretcher access (!). The relevant requirement was never included in the specifications and the airplanes were finally resold without ever being used (!!!)

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