News and major changes

The website is currently being translated from the main domain which offers a superset of the information here, in Greek. You can view the original content on the original website. The page below includes the latest additions to the content of this subsite.

10/02/2021 Translated the webpage for the Hellenic Navy and Hellenic Coat Guard procurement programmes.

10/02/2021 Added the second page with the inventory of supporting vessels in operation.

09/02/2021 Added the first page with the Hellenic navy equipment.

06/02/2021 Added a new webpage with defense news from all over the world.

27/01/2021 The following pages of the Geopolitics sections of the site have been translated, however proof reading will take place in the following days: Greek-Turkish disputes, Exclusive Economic Zone, Hellenic airspace, Hellenic territorial waters.

20/01/2021 The webpage for the Mirage 2000-5 procurement programme has been translated.

19/01/2021 The webpage for the Mirage 2000 aircraft has been translated.

18/01/2021 The first webpages have been translated in the Hellenic AirForce section, namely the fighter aircraft, the training, transport and supporting aircraft, the current procurement programs, and the Rafale aircraft.

08/01/2021 The What is new, Contact form and Terms and conditions pages have been added.

08/01/2021 The skeleton of the website has been finalized and is available online.

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